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Teeth Whitening

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening if Time is Important to You

There are many products available to anyone looking to enhance their smile with whiter and brighter teeth. But suppose you are looking for a whitening treatment that can be done in as little as one appointment versus months and months of using gels and pastes. In that case, there is no substitute for a professional tooth whitening treatment from R. Boyd Gilleland DDS.

What Patients Are Learning About Professional Teeth Whitening in Port Charlotte

It’s commonly known that most things available to consumers over the counter come with limitations. This is true for items such as hair products and medications. The same holds for teeth whitening products.

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening If Time is Important to You

When you purchase a whitening paste or product from the store or online, it may take months of at-home treatment before you begin to see any lightening effect. That’s because the strength of the product you’ve purchased is inferior to the power used in professional settings. Suppose you have an important event coming up. In that case, your teeth can be whiter and brighter after one visit to R. Boyd Gilleland DDS versus the alternative of ongoing at-home applications that you hope will have the desired result.

Avoid Undesirable Results

There’s another good reason to leave professional teeth whitening in the professional’s hands – the possibility of undesirable results when you attempt the process yourself. Have you ever tried to color your hair at home and not been pleased with the outcome because your hair seems damaged afterward? That could be because you haven’t used the product correctly. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, you’re assured that the whitening process will be monitored in a professional setting so any adjustments can be made immediately to protect the enamel of your teeth.

One Appointment Treatment Options Available

Do you have an important event coming up like a job interview, wedding, or reunion? If so, professional teeth whitening near you can be done by our Murdock dentist as quickly as one appointment. If time is essential to you, make your appointment today with the caring and professional staff at R. Boyd Gilleland DDS. Our emergency dentist in Port Charlotte offers convenient appointments for even the busiest working adult!

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