Dental Sealants in Port Charlotte, FL

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted onto your teeth. These are usually on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth, such as your molars, where grooves and slight depressions are likely to hold onto food debris and cavity-causing plaque. The sealant helps get into these grooves of the teeth to then block out the food and plaque build-up. Ask your dentist at R. Boyd Gilleland DDS in Port Charlotte to see if dental sealants are right for giving your teeth that extra protection.

Who Are Sealants For?

Usually, it is recommended that children and teenagers be giving dental sealants while they still haven’t developed any cavities. This is especially important for children when their molars first come in, as this can act as an excellent preventative measure against cavities while the child grows.

Because baby teeth are important for teeth placement, dental sealant for baby teeth is also appropriate.

Adults can benefit from dental sealants as well. However, their molars can’t have decay or fillings already. It is possible to use sealants on a tooth that has early decay, however. Consult your dentist to determine how far the decay has gone.

How Is It Done?

Dental sealant is applied after first thoroughly cleaning your teeth, drying it, and applying an acid solution to create a better surface for the sealant to bond. Once application is complete, a curing light may be used to help the sealant harden quicker.

How Long Does Dental Sealant Last?

Typically, dental sealant can last from a few years to 10 years, but they require to be checked during regular check-ups. This is because sealant can be chipped, and it also wears over time.

Insurance Coverage

While some insurance companies cover dental sealant for children and teens, it’s always wise to check with your dental insurance carrier to ensure that you have coverage.

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