Why You Should Choose Dentures This Mother’s Day

Why You Should Choose Dentures This Mother’s Day

May 18, 2020

Mother’s Day is such an important day in the world. Celebrating mothers is acknowledged and appreciated across the globe. As you think of a suitable Mother’s Day gift for your mother, perhaps you should consider their smile.

Since a smile is one of the most important features of a human being, why not invest in it? Beautifying a smile takes more than a good toothbrush and dental floss. Dr. R. Boyd Gilleland will tell you that there is more work that goes into sustaining a beautiful smile. Dental services for tooth maintenance and replacement are readily available in family dentistry this Mother’s Day.

What Are Dentures?

They are tooth replacement appliances used in dentistry. For the longest time, dentures were known for replacing missing teeth for old people. While they still serve this purpose, it is not the only role.

Dentures have wide usage in dentistry. Different types of dentures allow dentists to come up with the best-fitting ones for unique patients’ needs.

Different Types of Dentures

Dentures vary based on how much coverage they can offer to patients. Your dentist will consider the state of your teeth before recommending the best tooth replacement solution. Technically, dentures are used as viable alternatives to other tooth replacement procedures. This includes dental implants and dental bridges. It is why your dentist must carefully consider the state of your oral cavity to determine the best-fitted treatment for your case. The different types of dentures include:

  • Complete dentures – they cover the entire oral cavity. They are used for patients who do not have a single tooth remaining. For some patients, if you still have some teeth intact, they have to be pulled out before you get these oral appliances.
  • Partial dentures – are the opposite of complete dentures. They feature a few artificial teeth attached to a gum-like base. They are used to replace a few missing teeth. This could range from three missing teeth to several others. However, you have to have other teeth remaining. In some cases, dental bridges are used as partial dentures.
  • Conventional dentures – they feature pre-made appliances. This means that they are manufactured beforehand, and ready to be worn by patients. For this reason, they tend to be ill-fitting. This is especially if you get them before your gums are well healed. The reason is that your gums tend to shrink and lose volume as they heal. In time, therefore, the conventional dentures may get uncomfortable.
  • Custom-fitted dentures – these are specifically made for your unique dentition. They are made following the impressions of your oral cavity and are adjusted accordingly for a perfect fit. Your dentist will not recommend them until your gums are properly healed. They are the best because they offer a perfect fit and are very comfortable.
  • Implant-supported dentures – these are used on patients who are looking for a more permanent solution. Technically, dentures are removable. This is because they are not permanently secured to your jawbone. However, those that are implant-supported are different. They feature a couple of dental implants inserted in the jawbone, to support the artificial teeth of the oral appliance.

Why Choose Dentures This Season?

If you are looking to surprise your mother with a one-of-a-kind treatment to celebrate her this Mother’s Day, go all the way. Choosing dentures has a couple of advantages that you and your mother will delight in this season. They include:

  • Aesthetic elevation – dentures improve the appearance of someone. For one, they replace teeth that are responsible for holding the facial muscles in place. When the facial muscles are secure, it reduces wrinkling and promotes youthfulness. Besides, the dentures can be matched to the shade of color of natural teeth for cosmetic improvements.
  • Functional restoration – without teeth, the basic functions of the mouth are limited. This includes eating and even talking. Dentures help restore the functionality of your mouth.
  • Confidence boost – the self-confidence of your mother will heighten greatly from the mere gift of tooth restoration.
  • Maintenance of oral health – teeth are very important in oral health. They ensure your gums and bone tissue are in a good state at all times. When teeth are missing, dentures can serve this similar role for you.
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