Why You Need to Undergo a Dental Check-up After the Halloween Treats

Why You Need to Undergo a Dental Check-up After the Halloween Treats

Oct 01, 2020

Halloween party is near, and you and your kids will enjoy the candies. However, it’s vital to ensure you observe oral hygiene practices as recommended by your hygienist. Excessive intake of candy can lead to severe underlying oral health issues since they are sugary. Consumption of excessive sugary foods can lead to tooth decay. It’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene for you and your child to prevent the development of dental issues in the future.

Candies can be taken in moderation, and are useful in the production of saliva, which keeps your oral tissues healthy and balances the acidic enzymes in your mouth. This season will be ideal to ensure you and your family embraces acceptable oral health practices to prevent decay and severe cavities. Excessive intake of sugary foods can lead to thriving of bacterial in your mouth, which causes infections. It would be best to visit the dentist near for dental exams and cleaning after Halloween for preventive procedures.

Vital Tips for your Oral health this Halloween Season

Our dentist in Port Charlotte may recommend you to observe the following tips in maintaining your oral health this Halloween party:

  • Set up a Schedule for your oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth. Encourage your kids to brush their teeth after meals using fluoride toothpaste and recommended mouth rinses and ensure their teeth are protected from decay and severe cavities.
  • Take a balanced diet before or after the treats and fill up your child’s diet with candies after main meals to facilitate saliva production. Ensure you give your kid water after meals to regulate sugary and sticky food particles between teeth.
  • Let your kids decide what to keep, to ensure they have the freedom to choose their snacks. Depriving them the rights to choose their snacks will cause them to crave for more snacking without your consent. You also need to explain to them the need for regulating the intake of sugary foods for their dental health. During this Halloween, you need to teach your child how to limit the intake of sugary foods in the prevention of cavities and the benefits of having proper oral health.
  • Get rid of sour candies that are highly acidic, and can lead to the eating away of your child’s enamel. You can also dispose of sticky and chewy candies, including gummy bears and caramel, to avoid the formation of plaque on your child’s teeth.
  • Schedule a specific time for your child’s treats to develop a healthy attitude towards snacking, and minimize excessive intake of sugary candy.

Make oral hygiene practices a norm for your kid. This season will be perfect for replacing your child’s toothbrush, and you need to provide recommended toothpaste that’s non-abrasive for your child’s tender enamel.

The Vital Role of Dental Exams and Cleaning Procedures

Regular dental exams are essential preventive measures that avoid oral health issues. It will help if you undergo routine check-ups and cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Proper oral health plays a vital role in your overall health and prevents you from life-threatening conditions, including cardiovascular issues. Oral infections can affect other body organs, and you need to undergo regular check-ups to detect underlying signs of severe health conditions. Undergoing dental check-ups will:

  • Prevent you from undertaking extensive dental procedures in the future
  • Keep your oral tissues free from decay and periodontal infections
  • Diagnose for overall health conditions

Professional dental cleaning is vital in:

  • Keeping your enamel strong
  • Removal of stains and plaque
  • Brightening your teeth and transforming your smile aesthetics

Preventive dental measures can safeguard your oral tissues, a compelling reason why you need check-up after Halloween. A comprehensive dental check-up and cleanings aid your dentist to perform effective fluoride treatment and use fissure sealants for your cavities.

Why Do You Need Check-up After Halloween?

It would be ideal for you to schedule for a dental cleaning immediately after Halloween to remove plaque or bacteria from your child’s teeth. The appointment will allow your dentist to perform a dental examination, and check for any signs of decay r cavities, for an earlier treatment before the issues become severe. Your dentists will perform fluoride treatment to reverse the action of decay from your teeth and ensure you maintain proper oral health. Please visit Dr Gilleland in Port Charlotte, FL to find ideal tips in maintaining good oral hygiene this Halloween season.

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