What To Do When Your Jaw Won’t Stop Hurting

What To Do When Your Jaw Won’t Stop Hurting

Jun 16, 2019

Nobody likes to go through pain, no matter what part of the body is concerned. The same rule applies with jaw, because it could be symptoms of a teeth problem called Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). TMJ pain can be handled with the help of painkiller at times, but painkillers are just not sufficient. You need to get regular checkups from a dentist in Port Charlotte, FL. Following you will find common TMJ problems which you need to get a checkup for.

Teeth grinding (bruxism): Teeth grinding is a very common problem for the TMJ. Teeth grinding puts a lot of unnatural pressure on the teeth which leads to this problem. People unknowingly grind their teeth in stressful situations. In fact sometimes people clench or grind their teeth while sleeping. One needs to take care of that as you should not grind your teeth. You can take help from a dentist in Port Charlotte for the same.

TMJ disorders: This is another reason for a TMJ problem. TMJ is connected between jaw and skull and when it moves or slides even a bit it creates the problem of TMJ disorder. It is very difficult to identify what is the cause of this problem, but the dentist would help you to solve this problem as they are well aware that this is a very painful experience to go through otherwise. If you are suffering from this problem, I would suggest contacting a dentist in 33952.

Bite problems: Biting and chewing food is very important and a perfect bite only takes place when all the upper teeth are aligned and match with the lower-jaw’s aligned teeth. If this is not happening, then you need to get a checkup from the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will help you to solve the teeth alignment problem as well as improve the shape of your face, as the bite problem can make your face change its shape too. People might notice that problem indirectly and not point it out, unless it becomes
a bigger issue.

All the points mentioned above might seem as very scary but you do need to worry about them because R. Boyd Gilleland DDS is here to solve these problems for you. You can reach out to the dentist near Punta Gorda, Murdock and they will solve all the TMJ related problems, and any other teeth-related problem, easily.

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