Is Dental Filling a Dangerous Process After Cavities?

Is Dental Filling a Dangerous Process After Cavities?

Mar 01, 2021

Cavities don’t appear overnight. It can take months; sometimes, it takes years for them to appear before the decay process reaches a point where the tooth requires a dentist’s attention. Cavities are caused by the loss of minerals by the tooth.

Minerals are lost by the tooth when an acidic oral environment is found within the mouth. Early–stage tooth decay can be treated if it is noticed earlier. Therefore, it is essential to visit a dentist at least once every six months. There are three types of cavities: smooth surface, pit, and fissure form, and root.

The answer to the question above is No. Fillings remain one of the most popular cavity treatment options in the world. Silver amalgam, a combination of liquid mercury and alloy of silver, is often used in this process. Although there are rumors of mercury causing health problems to patients, it is not confirmed yet.

How to heal cavities

Regular checkups can recognize cavities and other forms of dental conditions before they can lead to any problem with your oral health. The earlier you visit a dentist, the better your chances of treating earlier stages of tooth decay and halting each tooth problem’s progress. When a cavity is treated before it causes pains, you won’t need long treatment.

Therefore, the treatment of cavities depends on how severe the problem is and your tooth’s condition. The various treatment alternatives are

Fluoride treatment

If your cavity is at an early stage, a fluoride treatment will help reduce the pain and restoring the enamel of the affected tooth. It can also undo the early stage cavity. Professional fluoride treatment comprises of higher fluoride content than one in tap water, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

During your cavity treatment with fluoride, a dentist may use liquid, gel, foam, or varnish bridged onto the tooth.


Fillings are alternatively called restorations. This method is the primary treatment choice for cavities, especially when it is past the early stages. Fillers comprise different materials; these include composite resins, porcelain.

Root canals

When both decays have entered the inner part of the tooth, you need a tooth canal. This treatment involves repairs to save a badly busted tooth rather than removing it. The affected inner part of the tooth is removed. Medication is sometimes administered to the root canal to eliminate the infection. Afterward, a filling is put in place of the pulp.

Tooth removal

Sometimes, your tooth decay may be too severe for the dentist to use other treatment options. When it gets to this level, the only solution is tooth extraction. Removing a tooth leaves spaces that permit another tooth to shift. Therefore you should think about getting dental implants to stand-in for the extracted tooth.

How long cavities last

Cavities are not the same, so the time it takes for them to form varies from one individual to the next. However, cavities require an average of six months to four years before you need to treat them. The main reason for the variation is the condition of the month at each time. So cavities may form, and after some time, stop.

However, a cavity won’t disappear on by itself. But, it can take a longer time to form. Hence, your dentist will have a longer time to treat the issue before it becomes harmful. Some of the conditions that determine the rate of cavities growth are acid levels in the mouth, cavity formation, the thickness of the enamel in each tooth.

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To avoid cavities, you need to watch your oral habits, ensure they are healthy. Fillings are a great way to treat cavities, and they are not dangerous to your cavities in any way. The American Dental Association, the FDA has not found any evidence that shows a relationship between amalgam dental fillings and any known illness.

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