How Dental Implants Can Help to Make You Look Different?

How Dental Implants Can Help to Make You Look Different?

Dec 01, 2019

The way we look is keeping us increasingly busy and is proving to be important in our lives. The obsession with our appearance is also affecting our self-confidence and self-worth especially with people who are unimpressed with the way they look and often feeling shy, clinically depressed and even antisocial.

Technology is helping us alter our appearance similar to using filter apps on pictures captured by smartphones. While perfecting a flattering pose can bring compliments from the social world no such filters of magic lighting exists in real life.

One of the aspects of our physical appearance is attributed to our teeth that is something most people would like to change. Our teeth are the central feature of our face and impossible to hide unless we refuse to smile, eat, and talk.

Fortunately, technology has provided us with a new treatment that can transform unsightly teeth and help patients to regain confidence in their appearance. The solution is offered in the form of dental implants from the dentist in Port Charlotte.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a revolutionary solution that is functional as well as cosmetic. Every implant is designed to function and feel like natural teeth. An implant comprises of three parts:

  • A titanium post — this is the portion inserted into the jawbone where the implant is planned to be located. It is allowed to integrate with the bone to form a strong and secure anchor for the remaining part of the implant. The process of integrating with the bone is known as osseointegration.
  • A porcelain crown — this acts as the visible part of the implant looking just like a natural tooth.
  • An abutment — this is the part that connects the titanium post with the porcelain crown.

Why Have Dental Implants Become Popular?

The popularity of dental implants has increased among patients that are looking forward to improving their appearance. This is largely because of the many advantages offered by implants over other cosmetic procedures. The main features of dental implants are as follows:

They Are Discrete

Ultimate discretion is provided by dental implants which is one of the biggest advantages of this cosmetic procedure. Even the dentist near you will confirm that when the implant is color-matched to your existing teeth or you decide to have a full set of dental implants the dentist offering dental implants in Port Charlotte will create it in the shade you desire for helping you to achieve a bright and white smile.

They Can Improve the Size and Shape of Your Teeth

Size and shape are not a popular feature with our teeth which are rarely uniform. However, the specific needs of every patient are taken into account when designing dental implants. It simply means that they can be created to address the irregularities with the shape and size of your teeth to make your smile appear straighter and better.

Dental Implants Are Permanent

The best feature of dental implants is perhaps the permanent nature of this treatment. Dentures often need to be removed when eating certain foods and are popular for their slipping and habits of moving around in the mouth of the wearer. This popularity of dentures causes plenty of embarrassment for many. In stark contrast, dental implants are permanent fixtures incapable of drawing any uncomfortable attention and appear as if they are natural teeth.

Dental implants will require a significant investment but they are certainly worth it especially for people that are embarrassed with their smile and mouth. With proper care and attention dental implants can last for a lifetime. The nearby dentist near Punta Gorda, Murdock, will confirm that dental implants will improve your confidence and appearance as well as your smile regardless of the reason you are disliking it.

If you want to understand more about dental implants you should be making an appointment with dentist 33952 right away because it is the best way forward to improve your appearance and smile.

The investment you need to make in dental implants may certainly scare you to make you believe you should be choosing an affordable option. However, if you attempt to understand that all affordable options need to be replaced constantly while dental implants are permanent you will certainly favor this revolutionary fixture over any other to improve your looks.

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