Father’s Day – Best Dental Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day – Best Dental Gifts for Dad

Jun 01, 2020

Dads are the superheroes for most kids and the toughest in the family. This, however, doesn’t make them less susceptible to teeth defects such as decay and other oral issues!

Studies have, in fact, shown that men are more likely to develop dental issues in their older age. Problems such as gum diseases, oral and throat cancer cases have been reported higher among men in the past decade.

This results from the fact that two-thirds of men in the US don’t brush their teeth twice a day and are less likely to replace their toothbrush as required. In as much as dads may be busy, it’s essential to observe oral hygiene to veer off grave dental problems.

Father’s day is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to offer your dad a dental gift to help maintain his oral health. At Dr. Gilleland DDS, we are pleased to provide various dental gifts for your dad in September 1st for their dental hygiene.
These are as follows:

Electric Toothbrush

This power tool is a perfect gift to upgrade your dad’s old fashioned toothbrush to something way cooler. They have the ability to remove plaque better than ordinary toothbrushes. If your dad has arthritis or has hand-flexibility issues, this is a perfect gift for them.

Electric toothbrushes are packed with impressive functionalities such as integrated timers that keep your dad within the recommended 2-minute brushing time. Some brands also vibrate after every 30 seconds to notifying the user to move to a different section of their mouth.

Water Flosser

Like most people, your dad might not be so keen about flossing their teeth. A water flosser is a perfect remedy and a great gift.

It uses water pressure to flush off plaque and tartar accumulation between teeth. Water flossers have the ability to clear built-up tartar and plaque from even the deepest of the mouth grooves and the smallest pits. They also clean up areas around dental restorations.

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are an exceptional gift, especially for your athletic or sporty dad. They come as rubber-like devices that are worn on top of teeth protecting your dad’s dental from the impact of a heavy blow.

Mouth Guards are designed to be worn on the top teeth, but occasionally your dentist can make a mouth guard for your lower teeth as well if you wear braces or other dental devices on the lower jaw.

You can choose the best mouthguard for your dad from these three types of mouth guards.

  • Stock Mouth protectors – These are the most available and easy to use mouth guards. They are pre-formed and available in most sporting shops and departmental stores. However, they are bulky, and not much can be done if they don’t fit your dad’s jawline.
  • Boil and bite mouth guards – A better fit is attained with these compared to stock mouth guards. They are available in most sporting goods shops as well. To fit them, the thermoplastic material is first boiled in hot water, then placed in the mouth of the user and shaped using tongue pressure or your finger around the teeth.
  • Custom-fitted models – This type is more expensive than the rest due to the work involved in their creation. They are created individually in the lab by your dentist.

The dentist first takes an impression of your teeth then molds your mouthguard according to the model made. Although expensive, this type is the most comfortable compared to the rest and offers the most protection for your dad’s teeth.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Most toothbrushes are stored in the bathroom, which makes them literally covered in bacteria always. We also use them at prompt without thinking twice, which means you infect your mouth every time you brush.
Getting your dad a toothbrush sanitizer will help him and the entire family protect your oral health by killing the bacteria on your toothbrushes every time you brush.

Travelling Dental Kit

If your father is a big fan of camps, fishing and hunting expeditions, surprise them this father’s day with a well-equipped travelling dental kit. You can opt for a ready-made kit or make your own. An efficient dental kit should comprise:

  • Toothpaste: Several tubes in a plastic bag
  • Toothbrushes
  • Floss and Mouthwash: Let your dad floss twice a day and use mouthwash accordingly
  • Personal Items: Include personal effects such as denture-cleaning fluid, mouth guards, floss-threaders and other items your dad might find necessary.
  • An emergency dental care provider card with their phone number in case of unexpected situations.
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