Effective Dental Tips for Strong Whiter Teeth

Effective Dental Tips for Strong Whiter Teeth

Apr 16, 2019

Almost every person knows that eating too many sweets without properly brushing your teeth can be highly destructive and lead to several different oral health problems and possibly the removal of teeth. If you are mindful of your habits and want stronger, healthier teeth, you can do something about it and improve your oral health. R. Boyd Gilleland DDS, a dental professional with years of experience, has outlined some of the best tips for teeth whitening in Port Charlotte, FL.

Biannual Visits

One of the best ways to preserve the look of your smile is to attend regular dental visits in your local area. Regular visits allow dentists to examine the teeth and maintain them, detecting dental issues before they become more serious problems. Many people may skip these visits for several reasons but suffering from dental problems is not necessary – you can get affordable dental care and teeth whitening near me at our clinic.

Brush the Tongue

Many may believe the look of your teeth depends on how often they are brushed, but they may not know the importance of brushing the tongue. The tongue can build up bacteria that causes bad breath and other dental issues, so it is important to clean it along with your teeth. You should also make sure to use floss to get rid of plaque and bacteria that may be hidden between teeth or the gums.

Brush & Floss Gently

Some do not know how to brush their teeth properly, leading to dental problems that cause issues and discomfort. Strenuous brushing or flossing can cause a disease to form known as gingivitis. When this occurs, the gums may become swollen or red and possible bleed. Without treatment, it can worsen and become infected. Be gentle when brushing and flossing to make sure you are not causing further problems.

For proper teeth whitening in Port Charlotte, visit R. Boyd Gilleland DDS for the oral care you need to make sure your teeth are as white and bright as possible. Stay away from sugary foods that can cause discoloration or cavities and drink plenty of water to ensure your teeth are healthy.

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